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I have a few pieces of Harry/Narcissa written, but the only one I'm slightly fond of is this one so I'll post to get the ball rolling in the comm.Very related to the community title of course...

Title: Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Rating: PG-13 to light R
Pairing: Harry/Narcissa
Disclaimer: Mr Potter and Mrs. Malfoy are not my property, I just borrowed them for awhile.

It started out as a game. A simple ambition of telling Malfoy one day “Your mother was the best fuck I’ve ever had.” What he didn’t count on was getting an education. Because education, and of the finest class he could say, was exactly what he had gotten.
It was in the way she walked, the way those tired grey eyes lit up when she slowly unbuttoned his shirt and threw him down on the hotel room bed. It was the way she would caress his hard throbbing cock with the playfulness of any of his classmates but with experience beyond his years. It was the way her slightly flaccid curves would arch when he would kiss the right spot on her neck and the frigid way in which she would put her clothes back on and simply walk out the door without a word.
She had decided to spend the night that time, in one of those posh London hotels where they could get drunk of expensive champagne and strawberries. Her pale hair had gone loose, falling softly across her slightly wrinkled cheeks. Her breasts moved ever so slightly with her deep breaths. Harry could not sleep. Grabbing the remote control he flipped channels, landing on an old American movie where a certain Mrs. Robinson imparted an education of her own. “Here’s to you, Mrs Robinson” he thought, draining the last of the champagne while at the same time wondering if Malfoy would take a liking to his new sibling.
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